11 Trending Haircuts to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

We weren’t all born with Disney manes, but that’s okay.

Yes, thick hair can come with enviable volume, and fine hair can sometimes leave us feeling flat, but the latter is also faster to dry and tends to survive better in humidity!

The grass isn’t always greener, and with the right styling, the thin-haired among us can still dazzle with our ‘dos and enjoy newfound depth and swishability.

Michael Rackett, from our award-winning styling team, shares 11 stunning haircuts to make fine or thin hair look thicker, guaranteed to leave you a magnet for compliments. Then, when you’ve seen a cut made for your tresses, find your nearest Rush salon, and get set to turn the volume up to max.

Flowing forward graduation bringing thickness

Hair is often finest around the face. So, melding forward graduation into your look can build weight, and like magic, will disguise thinness with shape around your features.

A sophisticated silver pixie

Reducing overall heaviness for a lightweight do that doesn’t compromise on style, a pixie is a classic way to create the illusion of thickness. Bringing in metallic shades, this sophisticated mane is one of our favourite haircuts for thin hair.

Uniformed shoulder-length wavy strands

Symmetrical with loose, beach waves, this one-length cut encourages volume by design. Subtle highlights nestle into our client’s waves, and the short, uniform length prevents a longer mane from straggling around your shoulders.


A choppy cut

A cleverly layered cut for thinner hair with layers, adds dimension from every angle. Full of attitude and timeless. TIP: Someone with fine hair should try using mousse when styling, as it will enlarge each strand and give the appearance of body.

A purple pixie cut with curls

Full of magic layering, a curly pixie cut draws all the attention to your fun style. A creative and daring ‘do, you are sure to make a sophisticated statement day and night.

A textured lob creating layers of depth

Removing length up to the shoulder, a textured lob reduces the appearance of thinning hair, making it look fuller and thicker… pair with a fringe and those locks are looking fabulous!

A ‘Halo’ trim for newfound thickness

One of our key haircuts ‘The Halo,’ lets you keep your hair long, while adding volume and movement around the apex of the head.

A textured bob with waterfall curls

Cut above the shoulders, a textured bob has fun, shaggy elements, combined with chic sophistication. Fine hair is carefully layered, and carefree styling is a bonus.

Develop thickness with a graduated bob

A beautiful haircut for thinner hair, a graduated bob styles fine strands into an eye-catching shape, making your mane appear thicker, and naturally building up weight.

The retro shaggy mullet

Embrace retro with a shaggy mullet cut. Like ‘The Halo,’ but with a more extreme length contrast, our client’s look is enhanced with this stunning underdye.

A classic short bob

Completely timeless and elegant, the chiselled trim of a classic short bob leaves hair feeling full, neat, and polished.

The right cut can have a magic effect on fine hair. Why not read about hair glossing next? A simple treatment that produces incredible results, see how you can make your locks gleam all year round.


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