12 Festival Hair Style Ideas to Try in 2022

Festival season is *the* time to have fun and go bold with your tresses. No work, no rules, no inhibitions and no shampoo requires a hairstyle that’s as comfortable to wear as it is fierce.

We’ve enlisted Sophie Chandler from our Creative Workshop team to give you just that. Here are 12 of Sophie’s favourite trending looks for 2022, including mesmerising festival hair style ideas, designed to elevate your locks and make you stand out from the crowd.

Find your closest Rush hair salon to get your hair in peak condition with a cut, colour and smoothing treatment, then read on for breathtaking looks that’ll get you ready to enjoy some amazing live tunes.

Baby braids

A ‘90s throwback, baby braids are a cute and creative combo. Accessories also go great with this ‘do, giving you a flattering festi look. Coloured brows optional (but if you’re going to try it, there’s no better setting than a festival).

Fishtail braids

A staple festival hairdo, fishtail braids are great for showing off your mane, night or day, and this look will keep it out of your face too. Opt for a statement fishtail on day two or three and laugh in the face of greasy strands.

French braids with buns

Tick off two of this year’s festival hair trends and take inspirations from this baby-blonde masterpiece, a stunning pairing of French braids and space buns. Add a line of glitter down your scalp and decorate the plaits with hair rings for an other-worldly look.

Curly blow

Look as carefree as you feel and let your hair flow, with these gorgeous, tousled waves. Our client’s frosty-pink balayage takes her curly blow from everyday to every-yay. Once the rain and flying drinks set in, she can sweep her strands into a pretty, fuchsia top knot.

Braided accent ponytail

Allow your ponytail to take centre stage; slicked back to a T and embellished with striking braids. This diverse style is a good option for when you want to skip the dry shampoo and use gel to your advantage instead.

Tousled waves with loose space buns

Combining tousled waves with loose space buns allows for cutesy symmetry but keeps things casual too.

Mermaid braids

Perfect for keeping volume in check, mermaid braids work wonders with long, thick tresses and create chunky definition that Ariel would be jealous of.

Crown braids with embellished pins

Add an extra bit of attitude to mini crown braids, with embellished hair clips and pins.

A Low twisted ponytail trio

Elevating the traditional low ponytail into a trio of twisted pieces and bringing them together at the nape of the neck, this festival ‘do combines all the benefits of an updo with the glamour of a downdo.

Viking warrior braids

Full of attitude, this festival hairdo is brave and beautiful and shows off the endless creativity of your hair.

Multicoloured beehive and plaits

This creative style might not be doable over a compact mirror in a tent, but we love the lifted, beehive style. For added character, applying temporary multicoloured streaks makes your mane even more striking.

Albaso braids

Intricate and subtle, these mini albaso braids add detail to naturally coily tresses, for a stunning festival hair contrast. It’s a stylish way to give a nod to your new earrings, too.

Going to a festival means sacrificing your usual hair care routine, but once you’re back home, we can show you how to get your shiny and silky locks back ASAP.

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