14 Burgundy Hair Colours To Add Depth To Your ‘Do

A gorge’ trio of sultry red, lively green and gentle blue combine to make burgundy, and it’s a shade with endless variations. Burgundy hair colours are amazing at creating added definition, whatever base colour your mane may be.

From strong oxblood to juicy plum or robust red velvet, we’ve got 14 beautiful burgundy hair styles to show just how much this rich hue can maximise the depth of your ‘do. Then, when you’ve discovered your favourite look, find your closest Rush hair salon and book an appointment, so you too can join up to the burgundy class of 2023!

1. Burgundy hair ombre

The beauty of the ombre is that depth is emphasised at the top, then gradually travels down to the bottom of your mane. The richness that burgundy hair brings enhances it even more, creating a show-stopping look that’ll transform your ‘do.

2. Rich red-velvet hair

Light, airy but with a deepness from the red colouring, is what makes this burgundy hair style special. Working beautifully with gentle curls lets the world see flashes of colour set within your mane.

3. Plush-plum tresses

Plum is a burgundy pallet choice that’s full of richness and allows tresses to radiate with colour and depth, by pairing light shading with a darker base.

4. Chocolate burgundy-brown waves

Chocolate burgundy-brown is a tint that makes your dark hair look silky and shine like never before. Flowing with that Hollywood sheen, it emphasises the true beauty of your hair.

5. Sweet-cherry shading

Cherry shades sit naturally above a darker burgundy base exposing more tone which allows more light reflection.

6. Port wine elegance

Port wine tints make your tresses appear full of depth and rich in class. It’s one of those colours which makes you feel a million dollars.

7. Deep oxblood balayage

Oxblood doesn’t sound pleasant, but tinted within dark hair, the stunning illusions of depth it creates showcase just what a versatile colour this actually is.

8. Full and bold burgundy shading

Go all-out and let burgundy colouring take over your dark locks. It’ll add a new lease of life to your mane and allows your strong natural features to stand out.

9. Soft chestnut accents

A marriage of brown and light burgundy, creates an overall illusion of chestnut while giving definition to your curls and in turn makes fine hair appear thicker.

10. Dark purple balayage on a burgundy mane

This multi-tonal half and half look works with everything, from plum to cherry, and all the while adding definition to your waves.

11. Swoony sangria highlights

With a flaming style that harks to Mediterranean holidays, sangria highlights nestle gorgeously within burgundy hair, allowing the shade to take on a new dimension.

12. Beaut’ berry bob

Bobs will never go out of fashion; that’s a well-known fact. So, revitalising your short style with splashes of burgundy berry breaks up the sharp nature of this ‘do beautifully.

13. Burgundy hair with the money piece

If you feel burgundy hair is too strong on its own, the money piece brings softness and a splash of brightness around your hairline. It creates a gentler finish and allows your features to truly stand out.

14. Stunning ruby-red wine

Filling your hair with body and flavour, red wine is a perfect colour if you want to limit the full strength of burgundy. Your natural darker tone isn’t compromised, with wine shading bringing depth where your mane struggles with it the most.

Thanks to burgundy hair, you’ll be able to proudly show off a new colour and depth you’ve always dreamed off. If you feel it’s a bit too dark for you, why not go lighter and brighter with peach hair for guaranteed added swoon.

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