9 Micro Fringe Ideas for Maximum Style Points in 2023

Call it a micro fringe, micro bangs or even baby bangs (cute), this trend is edgy, versatile and has a deliciously retro feel.

We know what’s on your mind. Yes, a fringe is something to think about. Your hair will take a while to grow back if you go off it, but it will grow back, and this a really cool option to change up your look more than your average trim will.

Micro fringes are constantly evolving too, so you’re sure to find a style that harmonises with your features and your taste. That’s why our International Creative Director, Andy Heasman, returned to chat with us and shared 9 micro fringe hair ideas to encourage you to join the micro-revolution.

Trust our decades of expertise to help you settle on the best look for you and make it a reality; find your nearest hair salon, and let our stylists work their magic.

1. A two-tone blunt bob with micro bangs

Combine two-tone colour, a blunt bob and feathery micro bangs and you have one expressive look. One of the key appeals of the micro fringe is that it lets your eyebrows and eyes take the limelight. If your peepers are your best feature, you’ll love baby bangs.

2. A micro fringe with a modern bowlcut

Revived as part of the boycut trend, this vintage classic has seen a new lease of life. Our client’s aqua, overcut style creates a gorgeous contrast against tightly cropped sides and the short finish leaves a trendy micro fringe for all to see.

3. Rapunzel lengths with a micro fringe

Long, fairytale locks and a micro fringe make for beautifully dramatic asymmetry that’s feminine and bold. Andy explained, “Your stylist will prep your hair by blowdrying it into a natural fall. This way you are working with your natural hair, rather than against it, when you come to the chop.”

4. The pixie cut with a micro fringe

Going for a pixie cut is a radical decision but this bleached crop is sure to set your mind buzzing! The barely-there choppy micro fringe suits our client to a T. Can we say *chef’s kiss*? Andy said, “Your stylist will help to assess your face shape for suitability, so you can choose the length and choppiness to match your features and hair type.

5. The red micro bangs pixie cut

A fiery red ‘do will make you stand out from the crowd. If that sounds like something you’re into, why not pair it with a crescent-shaped micro fringe? With her spiky layers, calling this look a statement is, well, an understatement.


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6. The geometric bob with a micro fringe

Geometry and the bob are a match made in heaven and combining them with an ultra-straight short fringe gives this look a cool ‘60s vibe.

7. A pink overcut mullet with a micro fringe

Sweet candy pink or even luscious peach locks are a great option if you want a bold colour that’s less intense than red. This pink, overcut mullet works beautifully with a micro fringe. As Andy explained to us, “Your hairstylist will always check your hairline for natural movement, like if your hair has got a cowlick, to get the most out of this style.”

8. Shaggy wolf cut with a micro fringe

This feathered boy cut with contrasting, face-framing layers draws extra attention to a glorious rough-chopped micro fringe. Ideal if you want to highlight your brows and cheekbones, and even better if the crimped hair revival piques your interest.

9. Sidesweeping micro bangs

Andy already explained how following your hair’s natural movement is one of the secrets to nailing the micro fringe. So, a lifted side sweep allows your micro fringe to follow the direction of your locks, giving a cute, boyish but sleek look.

Opting for the chop can be daunting, but we’re sure you’ll love these micro fringes as much as we do. If you’re wanting to relive the short styles of the ‘90s, see how the bixie cut holds the answer.

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