Everything you need to know about post Wax treatments!

As one of our most popular services here at Rush Beauty Croydon, we thought there was no better time to reveal everything you need to know about post wax care. From extending the life of your gorgeous, smoother skin to easing any discomfort. And let’s face it, it’s not a subject that anyone really talks about. So, we’ve teamed up with our expert therapists to bring all the things you should and shouldn’t do…  

Preparing for your Wax treatment 

Let’s start at the beginning…before you visit us at Rush Beauty Croydon for your waxing treatment, there’s a few things you need to be thinking about. 

1. Hair Length – For best results, we recommend hair should be at least a quarter of an inch long and that’s the same for all wax treatments. If you’re wondering what that means in terms of ‘when do I stop shaving?!’, we’d suggest at least five days prior to a treatment. But don’t worry, we’re not afraid of long hair here at Rush.

2. Reducing discomfort – If you have any sensitivity around the time of your period, we’d avoid booking an appointment and wait an extra week. For those who suffer regardless to the time of month, try taking a painkiller half and hour before your appointment.

3. Cleanliness – Our therapists will not only thank you, but any natural oils, lotions and sweat can all affect the performance of wax. In a nutshell, the drier you are, the better your results will be, so be sure you’re clean and haven’t just finished a body pump class at the local gym.

4. Dress for the occasion – Just like going to a party, you’d never turn up in your PJ’s for a girls night out. Think about your choice of clothing when visiting the salon. You’ll want something loose and airy to reduce any friction.  

After your Wax treatment 

After your appointment, it’s all about self-care and showing your skin some love. And whilst we can’t directly help with this, we can give you our tip tops to help with a smooth sailing recovery. So here goes… 

1. Avoid sunshine – If you’re anything like us, we want to show off our hairless smoother skin (especially in the warmer weather). But for first 48 hours after a wax service, your skin is at its most vulnerable and is susceptible to U.V rays. To avoid any sun damage or hyperpigmentation, keep covered up ladies, but don’t worry, this only needs to be for a short while.

2. Exfoliation fails – As well as removing any unwanted hair, during a wax the topmost layer of dead skill cells are removed. Leaving you a little barer than when you first arrived for your appointment. And any additional scrubbing of this area, can cause discomfort and lead to light skin damage. Having said that, we do suggest on day 3-4 after a treatment, you use a light scrub to help prevent any ingrown hairs.

3. Time your spray tan – There’s something about a trip to a beauty salon when you leave with smoother and tanned skin. But we promise you won’t regret waiting a little time between a wax and a spray tan. And it’s not only to stop any irritation, but we want to make sure that your spray tan colour is distributed evenly between all body areas.

4. Avoid Bathing – Whether it be the local pool, the gym sauna or a hot refreshing bath you’ll need to wait until your pores have closed. So really, a shower should be the only water you meet on the day of your service, apart from refreshments of course. And when you do take a shower, try lukewarm water to stabilize your body.  

So now you know our do’s & don’ts about waxing treatment’s, there is no better time to get an appointment in the diary. And if you visit us on a Wednesday you can buy 1 and get another wax treatment HALF PRICE! 

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