Make Your Own Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli Sprouts Made Easy

2 TBS broccoli seeds I like Johnny Seeds and Sprout People brand seeds. 1 quart sized mason jar, sterilized (or well scrubbed with really hot water and dried naturally).

Put 2 Tablespoons broccoli seeds in the mason jar
Fill halfway with water
Swirl it around to agitate the seeds, and get little beads of air around them
Soak for 8 hours

Put a sprouting lid on the mason jar

Drain water out, and leave jar upside down to keep water out
Water daily by filling it up and draining it upside down.

Keep in a dark place or indirect sunlight. They will start sprouting after about 24 hours. The sprouts are typically done around 5 days. For the last few hours, put them in the sun to turn them green. It doesn’t need to be direct sunlight, indirect works fine. After they green on the outside, you can break apart the sprouts some, to get the inside green as well.

Separate the seed hulls from the sprouts. I use a mini salad spinner. I fill it with water, and agitate all the sprouts. Most of the hulls will float to the top, some will sink. As they float, I keep filling it with water and draining it off until as many hulls are separated as possible.

Drain them again.

Store your sprouts in the refrigerator. They should last about 4 days (although in my house they run out before then). Basically, when I harvest one batch, I start soaking another! That way I always have some sprouts on hand. Keep in mind, these sprouts are spicy! So to make them most enjoyable, especially for kids, I put them on salads, mix them 50/50 with sauerkraut to make “sprout kraut”, or put them in wraps/sandwiches. Enjoy!    

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