The 2023 Hair Trends You’ll Want to Try Now

Realising your hairstyle is still living in 2022 is no fun. If everyone you know is showing off a new shade or cut, you’ll want to know the top hair trends of 2023, ASAP.

Rush’s Academy Director, Adam Bryant, is here to share 12 trending ‘do ideas that’ll give you all the inspo’ you need. “2023 hairstyles are head-hugging and super-cool, with glossy, rich, and deep colours”, says Adam.

Once you’ve set your heart on a fresh look, find your closest Rush hair salon and get booked in.

1. Beautiful burgundy hues

While copper was the red that made 2022, burgundy is the shade of choice for 2023. It’s sultry, dramatic and adds depth; a great way to spice up darker ‘dos.

2. The shullet

Say hello to the shullet: a combination of the shag and the mullet that is oh-so-2023. Think shaggy layers, bottleneck bangs and extreme asymmetry in length at the front vs. the back.

3. The U-cut

Soft blonde balayage highlights every flicked layer in this long-yet-weightless mane, finished in a subtle U-shape. “Layering and weight reduction are two of the strongest hair trends for 2023”, says Adam.

4. Mahogany is the new black

You’ll need regular appointments to touch up your roots, but it’s worth it to wear showstopping mahogany on the daily. Reflecting light at every turn, mahogany is anything but dull.

5. Adaptable overcuts

Like the ’90s volume craze of 2022, trend inspiration is often taken from the past. “The ‘overcut’ mullet reduces weight and volume while maintaining length”, says Adam. “This makes it adaptable to different textural finishes.”

6. The rich colour of plum

Plum is a dark-purplish shade, full of fruity character. Giving depth and body, plum’s swishability is real.

7. Sweet as cinnamon

Cinnamon is plum’s sweet and easy going sister shade for 2023. With its auburn and brown elements, cinnamon is in keeping with our ongoing red obsession.

8. Gloss, gloss and more gloss

Next to ‘undone’ styles like the shullet, the over cut and the shag, A-lister glamour isn’t losing its appeal. A sleek shade of burgundy and big-barrel waves will help you achieve it, and a glossing treatment can take it to the next level.

9. Layered butterfly cuts

Mahogany shading again, but make it a butterfly cut. Short and long layers give your hair movement and texture and encourage shine, while face-framing pieces hug your jaw.

10. The box bob

The box bob is one of 2023’s most striking haircut trends. Harking back to the ‘60s, its beauty lies in its sharp lines and ‘done’ finish.


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11. The one-length lob

We’ve seen how the lob can help you try out a bob with less commitment and lower-maintenance styling. A long bob with loose, slim curls is the cool, laidback shorter cut for 2023.

12. Middle partings and money pieces

Middle partings and money pieces are just two of the trends keeping the spirit of the ‘90s alive and well in our manes. Our client has the head-hugging vibe nailed with her poker-straight bob and that white/copper colour contrast is enough to make Geri Halliwell jealous.

Whether you go for something choppy, glossy, or both, 2023’s hair trends are as versatile as they come. Want to work on your styling skills? Try curling your hair with straighteners next.

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