The Octopus Hair Trend Explained

We’re no stranger to layers. Just as the wolf cut brings out our wild side, so does the octopus.

Starting out in Japan and Korea, octopus hair has well and truly arrived in the west, reinventing the shag look along the way.

Our International Creative Director, Andy Heasman, shares all you need to know about this cool ‘do and how the octopus cut can help you pump up the volume.

If you’re keen to turn your same-old strands into textured tentacles (nicer than it sounds, we promise), book an appointment at your closest Rush salon, and we’ll make your hair dream a reality.

What is the octopus cut?

A modern take on the ‘Rachel’ and shag cuts of the ‘90s, the octopus plays with volume, different lengths, and choppy layers to create a fun, carefree and striking look.

“The octopus haircut uses layering to create a fuller head shape which can be tailored to the client’s face frame”, explains Andy. “This shape incorporates length which is suitable for a wide range of textures.”
A heavier top section, with a variety of short to long layers framing your face, creates the illusion of an octopus and its tentacles. Struggling to see it? Danielle Marcan has tamed the octopus look and rocked it for all to see on IG.


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What hair lengths and hair types work best with the octopus?

Like all edgy cuts, the octopus works on some manes better than others. Wavy, medium-to-long locks are best suited, but your hairdresser will be able to advise on gorgeous variations for short, coily or straight ‘dos.

What to ask your hairdresser

Most hairstylists will know what you mean when you mention the ‘octopus’, just like when you ask for ‘bottleneck bangs’, or ‘the lob’. But, as with any trend, it’s always good to take a few photos you’ve found as octopus hair inspiration.

When consulting with your stylist, it’s important to remember this style has plenty of levels. How visible you want the disconnect between the top of your mane and your ‘tentacles’ is a factor to consider. We love Kaia Gerber’s subtle take.


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Reality check: what’s it like wearing the octopus?

As we said, the wolf cut and the octopus each thrive off layers, but they’re very different. The wolf cut is a creative take on the mullet with a strong fringe, so your layers get longer towards the back of your head. The octopus is a variation of the shag, with longer lengths being styled from underneath, styled perfectly by trendsetter Miley C with her pal Julia Cumming.


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Octopus hair is a great trend if you like a longer look and struggle to achieve volume. If short-hair trends are more your style, check out our guide to boy cuts.

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