What is hair glossing?

We all know the feeling. You leave the salon, your mane freshly coloured and styled, full of confidence. But after a few weeks of life taking its toll tell-tale damage can sneak back in and leave your hair looking lifeless. If your hair is coloured, you might also spot brassy blonde tones, fading reds or dull browns, despite a long wait until your next appointment.

While it can be tricky to keep your locks in shape, there are ways to maintain your salon-fresh ‘do for longer. Getting your hair glossed creates even tones, defines depth, and allows it to dazzle with added shine. It’s also a great starting point for those of you who haven’t coloured your hair before or are starting to see those sneaky grey hairs. With Kirsty Judge, a member of our colour workshop team, we share a rundown of what glossing involves, so you can see first-hand the benefits gloss can give. Once you’ve fallen in love with the idea, find your closest Rush hair salon and book your own gloss treatment to experience the spoils for yourself.

So, what’s hair glossing all about?

Hair glossing is all about subtle colour upkeep and swishably soft hair that would be right at home on the red carpet. Glosses are conditioning colours which gradually fade and create added shine. For those wondering, hair glossing is semi-permanent, usually lasting for around 6 weeks. Hair gloss targets your cuticles directly. This lets the glossing reinvigorate your individual strands, filling in any raised cuticles and smoothing pigments to create an even shade.

What’s used for a gloss treatment?

There are two main glossing options. One is clear gloss which adds shine and definition to your natural hair. The other is a gloss that has colour in it. This is perfect for refreshing coloured hair and giving it a much-needed lift.

Hair glossing: Step-by-step

A glossing service takes a lot less time than a permanent colouring service, but still requires the upmost care to be applied correctly. That’s why we’d always recommend getting this done professionally to achieve the best results.

1. Apply

Depending on the look you are going for, we’ll either expertly apply your individually mixed gloss at the styling station or at the sink when getting your hair washed. How much hair you have influences how long it takes to apply.

2. Wait

Like any other hair treatment, there’s a wait to see the results of the gloss on your mane. Catch up on your WhatsApp correspondence or chat to our stylists.

3. Rinse and dry

The gloss is rinsed off, before we dry and style your locks to your request.

4. Glossy locks!

Now for the result! Gleaming and glossy hair, which is refreshed, shiny and comes with added bounce! To keep the shine for longer, Kirsty always recommends the Kerastase Chroma Absolu range. The wonderful thing about gloss is that it works on every single shade and colour. From blondes to brunettes, it makes everyone look fabulous. Gloss can even maintain vibrancy for bold, unnatural colours like trending copper – why not give it a whirl?

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